HDPE and LDPE are two different types of polyethylene. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is known for its high strength to density ratio. This allows gauge reduction with little or no drop in tensile strength. HDPE also has higher melting point up to 120°. An example of HDPE is your typical check-out/supermarket bag. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) has a lower strength to density ratio. This means the tensile strength is lower but its properties give it a higher resilience (i.e. stretch). The gauge is typically higher than HDPE. LDPE also has slightly lower melting point up to 100°. An example of LDPE is your higher end boutique bags like Myer uses.

Gauge or thickness (UM) is dependent on the application of the product. Our bag/liner/film gauges are generally determined by performance requirements, legislation or industry standard and lastly economical. If you are unsure what product you require, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff for assistance.

  •         Width
  •         Length
  •         Height

Surepak shrink film is made from low density polyethylene.  Shrink film is widely used in a number of industries such as manufacturing, marine and mining for wrapping.  When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering.

  • Cast Stretch is a general purpose economical stretch film that has high clarity with a quiet unwind.

  • Blown Stretch is a stretch film that can stretch in both directions creating higher puncture resistance than cast stretch film. Blown is known for its high tack sticky feel.

  • Maxstretch film is made from the latest resin technologies. This stretch film has a much lower stretch point than traditional cast/blown films which offers greater hold and stability when wrapping loads.. Its high clarity and light weight rolls make for easy application. Cost effective alternative to cast/blown films.

  • Poly or Polypropylene strapping is available in various grades and sizes. Hand grade(blue) strapping is generally used to secure light to medium weight items. Heavy band (Black) strapping is used to secure heavy load and has much higher break point. Buckles or seals are used to secure the strapping.

  • Polyester strapping is light weight but strong. Polyester strapping has no sharp edges which makes it safe for handling and easy disposal. Strapping has minimal creep keeping the load secure during transit or storage. It also known for its distinctive green colour and comes in smooth or embossed. Seals or automated tools are used to secure the strapping.

  • Steel strapping is available in either ribbon or rope wound sizes. Steel strapping is a cost effective heavy duty strapping for general use. Strapping is painted and waxed to ensure smooth operation when used with tools. Seals are used to secure the strapping.