Stretchfilm & Pallet Wrap

Stretchfilm & Pallet Wrap

Here at Surepak, we stock a wide range of stretch film, pallet wrap, and pallet wrap equipment to suit every application. Whether your business is located in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or anywhere else across Australia, Surepak has all your packing needs in one place.

Bundling film is a quick and easy way to wrap or bind small or long items, and we recommend this film as it’s a cost-effective solution. Hand stretch film and machine stretch film is commonly used for wrapping larger items and ideally used to wrap and secure pallets. If you’re unsure of the products you need, contact our team who can provide assistance.

Our online store stocks a comprehensive range of pallet wrap and stretch film, this includes:

  • Hand stretch film
  • Machine stretch film
  • Bundling film
  • Hand stretch and bundling film applicators
  • Machine stretch film wrapping machines

To suit the needs of your project or business, our hand stretch film and machine stretch film is available in both clear and black. We recommend black stretch film for our customers who are concerned about the security of their products.


At Surepak, we make it easy for our customers to buy pallet wrap and stretch film products online. With an array of fast delivery options available to Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Australia wide, you can buy the products you need for your business today! If you need more information on our products, contact us here.

What Material is Pallet Wrap?

Plastic Pallet wrap is made from low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). This type of wrapping is also known as stretch film, cast film, and shrink film. It is commonly used for packaging in warehouses as the film is used to cover products on pallets to protect them from moisture damage, dust, heat, dirt, and UV rays. This plastic wrap is manufactured to be durable for protecting products and ensuring they remain on pallets and don't get damaged.

Difference between Bundling Film vs Hand Stretch vs Machine Stretch Wrap

As mentioned above, bundling film is a cost effective solution for wrapping or binding small or long items.

Hand stretch film as the name suggests is best used for wrapping by hand, so is often used in processes within the packaging and logistics industry for small or low-quantity items.

Machine stretch film on the other hand are specifically designed for use by machines and are more ideal for bulk wrapping jobs as well as those for larger items that are difficult to handle by hand.

If you aren't sure whether bundling film, hand or machine stretch wrap products are right for your business - as well as how much in terms of quantity your business requires - come and speak to our friendly and experienced customer service team at Surepak today.

Ways to Make Pallet Wrapping Easier

Whether you're interested in hand or machine stretch wrap for your pallet wrapping needs, the packaging team at Surepak can help you decide! Our existing customers love that they have several options of pallet wrap to choose from that are cost effective and are made of quality at the same time. We have a range of accessories to choose from such as pallet wrap dispensers, tapes, adhesives and machine rolls that come with an extended core to make the process of wrapping pallets easier.

We have the stock, equipment, and expertise to help you with the range of pallet wrapping choices available. Contact our friendly team at Surepak today so we can assist you!