Stretch Film Equipment

Stretch Film Equipment

We’ve got a range of stretch film equipment for you to choose from at Surepak.

Our stretch wrap film and pre stretch films are suitable for almost any application. If you’re looking for packaging material that’s also high quality in the packaging and construction industry, we’ve got you covered at Surepak.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you need further information on technical specifications. Our staff are always happy to help so that you can make an informed decision before ordering.

What is stretch film equipment used for?

Stretch wrapping and stretch wrapping machines are used to cover pallets and ensure that they’re secured for transportation. These products and equipment are used in the packaging industry.

Stretch film can stretch around the shape of the pallet load for protection. Pallet wrapping is made easy when the film has tension and wraps around the pallet, allowing the products to remain safe and free from damage.

Contact our team at Surepak to find out how stretching pallet wrapping can protect your pallet loads and to find out more about our products.

Why is stretching film so important?

Stretch wrapping needs to allow for stretching and expanding of the film as well as allow the film to wrap around the boxes and products on a pallet.

By using the right machinery, the pallet wrap can establish tension, resistance, length and the right amount of stretch for each load.

Whether you need pallet wrapping by a reputable manufacturer or the right packaging material for your stretch wrapping machine, our team at Surepak can help you find what you need.

We’ve got the tools and equipment as well as a range of products available for order via our website.

Our range of stretch wrap film and wrapping machines

Our pallet wrapping and stretch wrapping machines as well as film are made of high level and quality materials at competitive prices.

You can select from the thickness of film that you require to make the process of packaging easier.

Each type of film, also known as wrap, is different and can be used in a range of different packaging environments. Using stretch film ensures that your pallets are protected from dust, dirt as well as moisture when it’s being transported.

Our team are also always here to advise you on our range of stretch wrap film and wrapping machinery that will suit your needs.

Browse our stretch film equipment today

Looking for the right products to get started on your packaging project? We’ve got you covered at Surepak.

Our products are made of quality materials and each roll of stretch film and packaging material is compatible with packaging machines that we have available for purchase.

Whether you’re looking for an automatic wrapping machine or stretch film for your pallets, we can help you with your order. Our team are dedicated to helping you at every stage of your purchase, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.

Get in touch with our team through our website by leaving your contact details so we can get back to helping you as soon as possible.