Bundling Film

Bundling Film

Here at Surepak, we stock clear bundling film to suit general purpose applications. Bundling film is a quick and easy solution for wrapping or binding small or long items in a cost-effective way.

As Australia’s leading distributor of packaging products, we offer same day and overnight delivery to all major cities nationwide, including Perth, Sydney & Brisbane.

Bundling film features include:

  • High clarity
  • Quiet unwind
  • Water and dust resistant

Our clear bundling film dispenser and hand applicators are also available and make bundling effortless. The rotating hand grip makes it easy to wrap small or long items with bundling film quickly and smoothly!

At Surepak, we make it easy to get the clear bundling film you need sooner with our overnight delivery options to Perth, Sydney and throughout Australia. To find out more about our range and competitive price, contact our experienced team today.

What is bundling film?

Bundling film, also known as bundling stretch film and hand bundling film, has many benefits as it strongly binds a range of items so that it’s secure.

Clear bundling stretch film also keeps your goods secure when transporting them from one location to another location, whether they’re storage boxes or building materials.

The adhesive sticking material enables items to remain together, whilst also being water and dust resistant.

Clear bundling film that we offer

At Surepak, we provide clear bundling film as well as the bundling film dispenser, should you need it for packaging. 

While we offer clear bundling film, there is also a black film option, which is thicker and more suitable for larger loads as it strongly binds together objects that are in contact with each other on a pallet.

Why choose Surepak?

Our team at Surepak can help you browse and order your next batch of bundling film at a competitive price. Our clear bundling films and rolls are suitable for a range of products and purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns about our clear bundling film, feel free to contact us through our website so our team can help you as soon as possible.