SurewrapMax Machine Stretch

SurewrapMax Machine Stretch

Need your product pallet wrapped? Look no further than our machine stretch film at Surepak. 

We’ve got a variety of sizes and the best quality stretch film on the market so you won’t be disappointed.

Whether you work in the packaging industry or the construction industry, you’ll find what you’re looking for on our website.

Our machine stretch films are compatible with a range of pallet wrapping machines for your packaging needs. If you’re looking for your pallet load to be protected with quality stretch film, we’ve got you covered at Surepak with our range of products.

What is stretch wrap?

Stretch wrap, also known as stretch film, is a thin plastic that is stretchy and is most often used as pallet wrapping to protect your pallet loads when it’s being transported from one place to another.

A stretch wrap machine or stretch wrapper is used to make the process of pallet wrapping and pallet strapping faster and easier for employees.

When pallet wrapping loads it is safer and more efficient to use a semi automatic or an automatic stretch wrapping machine so that it places less strain on the operator as opposed to using a hand wrapping dispenser, which can place tension on the employee.

How do you use stretch wrap and a stretch wrapping machine?

Pallet wrap is often used with a stretch film machine for packaging purposes. The film is stretched over the pallet load to secure it in place before transportation.

Stretch film has elastic memory so it’s suitable for stretching over products on a pallet. 

A pallet wrapping machine is effective when securing loads to a pallet and keeping it safe for transport and storage.

At Surepak, we have a selection of stretch wrapping machines and stretch wrap available for purchase that will suit your packaging needs. We offer competitive prices and high quality products so you know you’re receiving the best deals on the market.

Our range of stretch film and stretch wrapping machines

Feel free to explore and browse our range of pallet wrapping machines and stretch wrap available for purchase at Surepak.

Our automatic stretch wrap machine and range of stretch film comes at a low cost so you can rest assured you have a premium stretch roll to suit your pallets and packaging needs.

Whether you’re in the construction or packaging industry, you won’t be disappointed by our tools and packaging machines that are available for pallet wrapping.

You’ll also be saving money with our competitive costs and equipment engineered to make your packaging process quicker and more efficient.

Browse our machine stretch film today

If you’re searching for ‘automatic stretch wrapping machine’ or ‘stretch film packaging machine’, our team at Surepak can help you find the stretch wrapping machine and stretch wrap that’s right for your packaging needs.

Our range of stretch film are suitable for hand wrapping multiple pallets and protect each pallet load. We also provide technical specifications for all our products so you can always rest assured that you’re getting the best quality stretch wrap.

Whether you need machine stretch film for packaging or pallet wrapping, you can count on us to provide you with the lowest costs for our pallet wrap products.

At Surepak, our team is efficient, professional and more than capable in assisting you with any concerns you may have. Browse through our range of products on our website or contact us if you have any questions.