Surewrap Hand Stretch Film

Surewrap Hand Stretch Film

Hand pallet wrap stretch film is commonly used to cover fragile goods as well as cover items on pallets.

In Australia, there’s a range of hand stretch film and hand roll stretch film available for various purposes. Our team at Surepak have got many types of hand stretch films available for order and purchase at low prices.

From clear stretch film to black stretch film, we’ve got you covered no matter what you need.

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What is stretch film used for?

Stretch wrap is commonly used for packaging supplies, similar to bundling film.

There are many benefits to utilising shrink wrap for packaging to keep the products on pallets protected from moisture and dust.

Stretch film allows for easy application and protection from the weather and the environment. It also unwraps quietly so that you don’t have to worry about making a loud noise.

Types of pallet wrap and stretch film

There are different types of stretch film and tapes that are suitable for pallets.

Hand stretch film allows for clear and stretchable film that can wrap over pallets and small boxes.

Machine stretch film is suitable for small to medium sized containers that need to be covered or secured.

All these options are economical and great solutions for covering and securing pallets to maintain safety at a low price.

Our range of stretch films and pallet wrap

If you’re looking for stretch film hand wrap for your pallets, we can help you at Surepak.

We have a range of stretch film hand rolls and our team is committed to helping you purchase lightweight stretch films for your business needs.

At our Surepak warehouse, we stock clear and black Handstretch Surewrap for your business in a range of sizes so you can choose the amount according to your storage and packaging needs.

Visit our website and feel free to contact our team if you have any questions about our stock or your order and we’ll get back to you.

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You can trust in our services at Surepak as we only aim to provide you with the best quality new products and hand stretch films in Australia. With a faster checkout and quick delivery in metro areas. 

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