SurewrapMax Hand Stretch Film

SurewrapMax Hand Stretch Film

We supply hand stretch film at Surepak for your business and packaging needs.

Hand pallet wrap is ideal for covering and protecting the items on your pallet from environmental as well as transportational damage.

At Surepak, we’re committed to helping you browse and purchase from our range of hand stretch films in Australia.

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Is there a hand dispenser for stretch film?

We provide a hand held stretch film dispenser for purchase with your stretch film to make packaging and wrapping easier for your company.

A stretch film hand dispenser is useful when using handy stretch film to pack loads so that they’re ready for transportation.

Whether you need a hand saver stretch film dispenser or a hand roll stretch film dispenser to wrap your pallets, look no further than the range available at Surepak.

Our wrap dispenser has a brake mechanism that pulls the film tight so that all your loads are secure and protected from potential damage.

We offer stretch film dispensers for purchase so that it’s easy to wrap and transport your pallet from one location to another.

What is stretch film used for?

Hand stretch film is used for wrapping pallets and packaging goods to safely transport and secure it so that nothing is loose.

At Surepak, we understand the importance of safety and loading your products onto a pallet without risk of damage. You can trust that your pallet wrap purchase from Surepak is top quality and will protect your boxes and loads from dust or moisture.

Our hand stretch film comes in different sizes and at competitive prices. Browse our website today.

Our range of hand pallet wrap and shrink wrap 

We offer a range of stretch film as well as stretch wrap film hand dispensers to make pallet wrapping easier.

At Surepak, we offer clear and black hand stretch film and hand pallet wrap for your packaging needs to ensure that our products are protecting your pallets for smooth transportation.

Our stretch wrap hand dispensers have brake mechanisms to ensure the stretch wrap is pulled tightly and secured over products on pallets.

Browse our collection of pallet wrap today

Check out our extensive range of hand stretch films for your business and packing needs in Australia. 

Our team is experienced and dedicated to providing you with exceptional services and the best products. Our customers are always satisfied with our quality products and services.

If you have any questions or concerns about our hand stretch films, feel free to contact us through our website so our team can help you as soon as possible.