Plastic Bags & Liners

Plastic Bags & Liners

Surepak stocks a range of bags and liners to suit a wide variety of industries. From clear plastic bags and liners to woven poly bags we’ve got you covered.

With plenty of options available, we're able to provide our customers with durable plastic bags and liners for every application.

As leading plastic bag suppliers, we provide delivery across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Australia-wide. With same day dispatch for orders before 12pm, receive your bags and liners fast.

Can't find exactly what you're looking for? We can also manufacture bags to specifically suit your requirements. Contact us today for a quote or buy your poly and plastic bags online today!

Different Types of Plastic Bags & Bin Liners - Uses & Applications

At Surepak, we offer a wide range of plastic bags that are suitable for various uses and applications - from plastic shopping bags, garbage bags, heavy duty bags, mining bags, mattress bags, to bags used for industrial settings and more.

If you're wondering which types or types of plastic bags may be most suitable for your business, see our quick overview of our products below!

  • Asbestos bags - These are highly durable and puncture resistant bags typically used to safely contain asbestos dust. Our Asbestos bags feature printing which complies with the recently introduced GHS Regulations.
  • Bale Frame bags - plastic bags designed to fit bale frames and are typically used to contain paper and plastic for recycling.
  • Carpet bags - used to contain rolls or cut offs of carpet and provide protection while in transport and storage
  • Checkout/singlet bags - these are bags that are generally used in large supermarket chains, food stores, and other businesses.
  • Front end lift bin liners - Designed for waste and food collection bins. Our front end lift bin liners are approved by all waste collection companies.
  • Clear and black garbage bags - our garbage bags can be used to collect and store rubbish in commercial settings such as retail, food, and more.
  • Large heavy duty durable plastic bags - a sturdier option for safe and reliable waste disposal. Typically used in industries such as industrial packaging, transport, among many others.
  • Mattress Bags - used to store and carry mattresses while providing protection and cover.
  • Bags to suit the medical and health industry - these include clinical waste bags, autoclave, cytotoxic, incinerate waste bags as well as patient clothing bags, sanitary liners and specimen bags.
  • Mineral fibre bags - typically used to help dispose of excess insulation and fibrous material such as mineral wool fibers. Our mineral fibre bags help protect users from breathing in such hazardous material during disposal.
  • Mining bags - Mining bags are suitable for mineral samples. Our mining bags are UV stabilised making them perfect for outside storage solutions.
  • Pallet bags - Our pallet bags are ideal for securing goods when heart shrinking or keeping goods dust free during storage. The bags we can supply to you anywhere around Australia are designed to fit standard size pallets. These clear LDPE pallet bags are supplied on a perforated roll for easy tearing.
  • Roll on Roll Off Bin Liners or Skip Liners- designed for efficiently lining large commercial waste bins.
  • Resealable bags/Ziplock plastic bags - Open and closeable plastic bags for airtight storage. Our resealable ziplock plastic bags are made from LDPE our Ziplock bags are extremely durable.
  • Clear open top bags - Our LDPE clear open top bags are ideal for packing small items and can be heat sealed.
  • Woven poly bags (including extra large poly bags) - woven polypropylene bags are typically used for storage and transportation of agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, and more.

If you can find what you're looking for or you're just after more information about our products, simply get in touch with us over the phone or on our website and we'll be ready to assist you right away.

Fast Delivery On All Orders Australia Wide

We deliver our quality products all across Australia including Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney. For further details, please refer to our Delivers and Returns page, or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Surepak customer service team today. We assure that we'll respond back to your enquiry right away.

Cost Effective & Competitive Prices

At Surepak, we've refined our systems and processes to provide the most effective packaging solutions at affordable costs without any compromise on quality. We manufacture quality plastic bags, liners and other packaging solutions at ultra competitive price points and also provide further discounted options for wholesaler enquiries and orders. If you have any questions regarding the costs of our quality plastic bag range, feel free to get in touch via phone or website today.

Leading Plastic Bag Manufacturers in Australia

We strive to deliver high quality service and solutions. By doing so we have become a leading distributor of packaging products, packaging materials, specialist bags, plastic films and more. now Today, Surepak supply in excess of 750 product lines and is continually growing to service business needs across industries such as mining, waste, medical, construction, and more.

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At Surepak, we assure you that you'll find a range of plastic bags and liners for sale online, ready for order, and almost always in stock. By partnering with us, you'll never have to search online for 'plastic bag suppliers near me' or 'quality wholesale plastic bags for sale' to anything in between. Find everything that you're after right here at Surepak.

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We take pride in our ongoing commitment to quality and customer service. As an industry leader, our experienced team is on hand to source specific products and to provide the most effective packaging solutions. Surepak has offices located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, which gives us the ability to distribute orders fast and efficiently Australia wide. Contact Us today!