Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tapes

At Surepak, we offer a comprehensive range of adhesive tape products available for sale all across Australia - with fast delivery to locations including Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Adelaide. Our adhesive tapes are high quality, durable, and reliable for a range of applications and uses. Rest assured you'll experience impressive service and unparalleled product quality time and again when you choose to shop at Surepak. Shop online today or get in touch for any other questions.

Different Types of Adhesive Tape - Uses & Applications

We offer a wide product range of adhesive and specialty tapes, all designed for different purposes and uses. For an overview of our different types of adhesive tapes, see below!

Types of adhesive tape:

  • Cloth Tapes - Suitable for general purpose, industrial use and book binding. Cloth tapes are waterproof and can be hand torn for easy use.
  • Double Sided Tapes - Commonly used for applications such as holding carpets and mounting signage.
  • Duct Tapes - Also known as Joining Tapes, these are a PVC pressure-sensitive tape generally used in the air-conditioning, plumbing or construction industries.
  • Electrical Tapes - Generally used for insulation or colour coding electrical works.
  • Environmentally Friendly Tapes - options include Compostable Tape and Recyclable Tape. Can be used for general packaging, manual as well as automated applications.
  • Filament Tapes - Has pressure sensitive adhesion and is ideal for sealing, bundling and reinforcing packaging.
  • Foil Tapes - Suitable for sealing heating ducts due to their high resistance to extreme temperature changes.
  • Gaffer Tapes - Widely used in the theatre and film industries to secure cables and flooring.
  • Hook and Loop Tapes - The name given to the fastening system which uses two different sides of material, hook and loop. Hook (the rough side) and loop (the soft side) come together to create a strong bond that can still be pulled apart when needed.
  • Masking Tapes - Our general purpose masking tape is great for general purpose application and has a clean pull removal.
  • Acrylic Adhesive Tape - This tape is perfect if you are seeking a low-cost acrylic tape option that still demonstrates high quality
  • Printed and Warning Tapes - Not only used for drawing attention to your package and alerting handlers of special care needs, it is also used for labelling and identifying products, cautionary messages, instructions, advertising and promotional tools.
  • Reflective Tapes -  These products were specifically developed for the manufacture of traffic signs, which are intended for long term vertical outdoor use.
  • Safety & PVC Tapes - Widely used in the work place to ensure your safety and minimise the risk of injury or accident.
  • Shrink Tapes - Shrink tape is specially formulated to adhere and shrink with LDPE shrink films. Ideal for joining and sealing sheets of film prior to shrinking to make shrink work a breeze

If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with our team and we'll be ready to assist you right away.

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