Surepak’s Brisbane branch is a leading supplier of pallet wrap stretch films and equipment designed to make bundling products a breeze.

Pallet wrap, or stretch film, is a plastic film with strong stretchable properties and elastic recovery making it ideal for tightly binding items together. Stretch film’s most common application is to unitise pallet loads but can also be used for smaller items. Alternatively, bundling film is a simple and cost-effective solution for wrapping smaller, long or awkward items.

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Our Brisbane branch stocks a comprehensive range of pallet wrap products, including:

Our range of pallet wraps provide exceptional flexibility, coming in a variety of thicknesses to suit any requirement. Available in both clear and black, pallet wrap stretch film is the perfect bundling tool for your next project. If privacy is a priority, we recommend the black pallet wrap for optimal concealment.

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Buying pallet wrap products online is easy with Surepak Brisbane. We provide speedy delivery throughout Brisbane and Queensland, so you can get the products you need for your business or home project without delay.

Browse our range online or visit our Brisbane branch. If you need more information on our products, contact our team today.


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