Checkout/Singlet Bags

Checkout/Singlet Bags

As leading packaging suppliers in Australia, our team at Surepak are able to provide you with checkout/singlet bags to suit every application. We have the lowest prices but the best singlet bags in the business.

Reusable singlet bags can be used for a range of different purposes in various industries. If you’re on the search for a low cost shopping bag, you don’t need to look any further - our plastic singlet shopping bags are perfect for your needs.

We stock specialised compliant custom made singlet bags that meet the legislation for bags in Queensland: Shopping bags made from plastic film need to meet these material and reusability requirements:

  • 35 microns or more in thickness
  • be made from a minimum of 80% post-consumer recycled content verified by a recognised program or certification
  • be durable and big enough to carry 10 kilograms of weight for at least 125 uses verified by a recognised reusability, durability or endurance test

You can shop online or contact us to order your next pack of singlet/checkout bags or if you have any questions.


Singlet bags, also known as checkout bags, are commonly used to carry items when you shop. The shape of checkout bags resemble a singlet, with two carry handles, which is why they sometimes go by a different name. 

In the past, singlet carry bags were commonly used as large grocery bags and bin liners after it had served its purpose. However, in recent times they are sold as bin liners as paper bags and reusable cloth bags are used in shopping precincts as opposed to single use plastic bags. Even so, it is versatile and can be used for a range of different purposes. 

Surepaks singlet checkout bags are priced low but are high quality, so you won’t regret ordering them for your home or business. 

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Our products are easy to order and our team is always available to provide the best service and assistance, should you need it. Whether you’re searching for small singlet bags or larger white checkout/singlet bags, you can find them at Surepak as well as a range of other products and items from different categories.

Our high-quality checkout bags are available in a range of sizes and are designed to suit your needs. At Surepak, our team can also custom print carry bags upon request for you.

Contact us today for further information and pricing on custom printed checkout/singlet bags for your business.