Hot Melt Adhesive Tape

Hot Melt Adhesive Tape

What is Hot Melt Adhesive Tape?

The right packaging tape will ensure your products arrive at their destination in good condition. Our hot melt adhesive tape forms a tight seal that keeps your items secure and helps to prevent any product damage or contamination that may occur in transit.

Surepak’s hot melt tape is made from a thermoplastic resin adhesive that firmly binds to even the most textured surfaces. Its strong holding power and durability means that hot melt tape is perfect for heavy-duty packaging or storing items for long periods of time.

Our hot melt adhesive tape can be applied manually or with an automated machine. When selecting hot melt adhesive tape, it is important to consider the temperature range and holding time required for the application.

What is the Difference Between Hot Melt Tape and Acrylic Tape?

Generally speaking, hot melt adhesive tape is stronger than acrylic tape. Hot melt packaging tape has more layers than acrylic tape, which gives it a greater tensile strength and adherence. These layers include:

  • Film backing layer: The foundation of the tape that provides strength and rigidity.
  • Release liner: The coating that protects the adhesive until it is ready to use, and allows the tape to easily come off the roll.
  • Adhesive layer: The layer that bonds the tape to the surface that is being sealed.

Surepak’s hot melt tape is manufactured using a very strong resin adhesive layer, meaning it can bind to many different materials and form a solid barrier against moisture, dust and dirt. It’s also tear and impact resistant, so you can rest assured that your items won’t fall out of their packaging while in transit.

We Deliver Hot Melt Adhesive Tape Australia-Wide

Our affordable hot melt adhesive tape is available in different colours and comes in rolls of 48mm x 75m, ensuring you get the most value for your money.

We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, which means that wherever you’re located in Australia, we can deliver your order to your door fast and efficiently.

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