14 Day Tape

14 Day Tape

14 Day Outdoor Masking Tape

14 day universal tape that can be applied to a multitude of surfaces both indoor & outdoor that require long term masking & clean removal.

– Multipurpose indoor or outdoor masking
– Ideal for fortnight masking needs with its 14 day removal rating
– Everyday commercial, industrial & home/office uses
– Bundling, sealing & tabbing
– Suitable for variety of surfaces from aluminium to glass to timber to masonry to wall linings – it does it all

60 Day Outdoor Masking Tape 

This premium quality high temp masking tape creates sharp, neat & clean lines with a lower paint ridge than normal crepe masking tapes.

– Long term masking up to 60 days
– General day to day masking around the home, building & construction
– Suitable for smooth surfaces
– Suitable for delicate surfaces