Make Surepak your first choice for durable, high-grade pallet wrap and stretch film in Brisbane! From hand stretch film to pallet wrap applicators, our assorted range of pallet wrapping equipment is sure to meet your business’s needs.

Surepak’s pallet wrap and stretch film are manufactured for maximum elastic recovery, stretchability and resilience. Our stretch wrap is perfect for unitising pallet loads and keeping boxes and products bound tightly during transport. It is also resistant to moisture, dust and dirt, helping to seal off warehouse stock from nasty contaminants while in storage.

For a top-quality packaging solution that protects your goods in storage and transit, turn to the leading suppliers of pallet wrap in QLD. Browse Surepak’s pallet wrapping equipment for sale, or contact our team today for more information.

*Please note: We ship to Brisbane from our Underwood warehouse*

Shop Our Pallet Wrap Range

Surepak stocks a comprehensive range of pallet wrap products suitable for any application. This includes:

  • Machine stretch film wrapping machines
  • Bundling film
  • Machine stretch film
  • Hand stretch film
  • Hand stretch and bundling film applicators

Every business has different requirements for pallet wrap, which is why all of our stretch films come in various thicknesses. Most of our pallet wrap is also available in both clear and black, providing extra protection for businesses concerned about the security of their valuables.

For smaller and irregularly shaped loads, we recommend bundling film or hand pallet wrap as a cost-effective method for binding and unitising your items; for larger and heavier products, machine stretch film is the better option. Contact our team today if you’re unsure which pallet wrapping equipment is right for your business.

Pallet Wrap and Stretch Film Designed for Optimal Protection

All our pallet wrap and stretch film have been manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to provide one of the most effective binding solutions on the market. Our pallet wraps are:

  • Strong, lightweight and flexible
  • Easy to wrap (by hand or machine)
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals, water and impact
  • Recyclable and reusable

Made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDP), Surepak’s pallet wrap film has a high tensile strength and impact resistance, meaning it will securely hold your items in place without breaking or tearing, ensuring they remain intact during transport and unloading. It also provides an excellent barrier against UV rays, moisture and pest damage, so it’s perfect for wrapping and storing items for an extended period of time.

In addition to its robust, durable and easy-to-handle design, our stretch wrap film is fully recyclable, helping you to reduce your environmental impact without sacrificing protection or performance. Order top-quality, affordable pallet plastic wrap online today from Surepak!

Leading Suppliers of Pallet Wrap and Stretch Film

We’ve been distributing packaging supplies nationwide, including Brisbane, for over 30 years. We’ve refined our processes over the years to deliver only the finest quality products and customer service, helping us to become one of the most trusted suppliers of product packaging in QLD.

When you buy stretch wrap equipment from Surepak, you’re guaranteed to receive a protective, high-performance product that meets your business needs. Whether you’re after a pallet wrap roll suitable for hand wrapping, pallet wrap dispenser or stretch film machine, Surepak’s range of heavy-duty stretch wrap has you covered – literally!

Shop with confidence, knowing that you’re getting the best value for your money at Surepak. Browse our leading pallet wrapping products today!

Fast Delivery to Brisbane

At Surepak, we see to it that your order is efficiently dispatched from our Underwood warehouse and delivered to your Brisbane property in no time. You can also stop by our Underwood warehouse if you wish to pick up your order.

Buy pallet wrap online and take advantage of the great deals available at Surepak today!

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Purchasing quality, reliable stretch film and pallet wrap products online is effortless with Surepak! Our range provides strong and durable protection suitable for all of your storage and transport needs.

For more information about our pallet wrap, prices or delivery options, get in touch with our friendly QLD team!


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